The heroine’s and hero’s quest through yoga

Yoga Retreat with Daniela Dibenedetto, Daya Deepa Yoga

18-21 April 2024

Will you heed your heart’s call?

The hero’s and heroine’s journey, described by mythologist Joseph Campbell, is a universal cycle of transformation, growth, and self-discovery. Just as the heroine and hero who answer the call of adventure face challenges and change in the process, our yoga practice is an inner expedition, an exploration of our personal challenges, our limits, and our potential.

Through yoga poses we evoke each stage of the hero’s and heroine’s journey. Our yoga mat becomes the landscape of our adventure, a place where we face our fears, learn from our mistakes, and ultimately discover our inner power. As with any quest, there will be moments of strength and moments of vulnerability.

This trip takes you to the heart of the Tuscan countryside, to Podere Trafonti, an enchanting eco-estate in the province of Siena. A magical place to practice yoga; explore the countryside on foot or by bike; share vegetarian, local, seasonal, organic and delicious cuisine; taste notable Tuscan wines; bathe in a natural hot spring or in the pool; recharge your batteries in contact with nature; get lost among the winding streets of a medieval village; admire art and architectural treasures; or just rest and be.

You will be guided by Daniela Dibenedetto, traditional Hatha Yoga teacher in Nice, according to the teachings of the silent Yogi of Madras, Sri Sri Sri Satchidandanda, which were transmitted to her by her teacher Walter Thirak Ruta, thanks to 4 years of training at the Yoga school Pramiti founded by him in Ventimiglia.

“I consider yoga as a non-competitive and non-performing practice, as a tool that each of us can adapt to our own life and needs in order to find a moment of peace, serenity, balance, harmony and an opportunity to look within and evolve.”Daniela Dibenedetto, Daya Deepa Yoga

Open to adults aged 18 and over. For all levels of yoga practice. In French (and Italian). minimum 6 and maximum 10 participants.

Only 5 places left, sign up soon!

For more information, program, rates and registration see: Yoga Retreat in Tuscany with Daniela Dibenedetto, Daya Deepa Yoga or by email to dayadeepa.yogaretreatsATgmailDOTcom or

We are available to answer your questions and look forward to welcoming you to Trafonti!

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