The acclaimed multimedia artist DanielCanogar will lead a residential workshop on creativity accessible to anyone who feels inspired to explore and expand their artistic capacities.


2-5 November 2023

Creative Workshop with Artist Daniel Canogar, 2-5 November 2023 at Podere Trafonti

Art is an essential tool to process and understand reality. It offers insights into ourselves and our place in the world. When we make art, and look at it carefully, we contemplate the intricate, chaotic, and exquisitely beautiful facets of life itself. 

The workshop “Observations” is an invitation to embark on an exploration our creative selves and share the journey with others. 

The first three days of the workshop will begin with presentations by Daniel Canogar where we will examine significant themes that permeate our culture. These insightful conversations will lay the foundation for the generation of creative projects, allowing participants to materialize the concepts previously explored. The resulting works will be analyzed by Daniel Canogar and the workshop’s participants, in a process which fosters collective visual thinking that is central to the workshop’s methodology. 

These exercises are designed to prepare all participants for the culminating assignment: the conception of an art project on the last day of the workshop. 

These creations will be celebrated in a concluding art exhibition, offering a joyous experience for participants and their invited guests. 

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