Great Storytelling with Photography

28 aprile – 3 maggio 2023

5-Day Retreat led by Sabrina Tosato and Andrea Livieri

When it comes to picking a traveling companion, you can’t beat a camera. Whether we pack a big

bag of sophisticated equipment or stick to our smartphone, the photographs we bring back from a

trip will be among our most impactful and lasting souvenirs. But, what are the key ingredients of a

compelling picture? What makes the difference between a random stack of photos and a cohesive

narrative that not only captures the place we’re visiting but our experience of being there? Is it our

equipment? Our editing skills? The composition? The beauty of our subject? All of these things play

an important role when it comes to photography, but they are not enough.

« The secret behind compelling images is the stories they tell. »

Photographically speaking, storytelling is being intentional about each picture we take, then looking

at it critically to see if it fits the narrative, captures our experience of a place, and has the potential

to resonate with our viewers. In other words, documenting a trip is less about location photos and

more about our journey.

The aim of this 5-day Photo Storytelling Retreat is to learn how to create impactful photographs

using a tried and tested system that puts the story at the heart of everything we do.

Sabrina (@brina_too) and Andrea (@andrealivieriphoto) will teach you how to take still images and

put them together in a narrative reflecting an experience, a place, an encounter, or anything else

that interests or intrigues you. You will start with the basics, going through the entire process of

making a great photograph: from the concept to shooting, equipment, editing, and image selection.

Then, you’ll examine the craft of storytelling, as it applies to photography, and how to put together

a captivating narrative.

During the retreat, you will explore and photograph some of the most iconic landscapes and villages

of Southern Tuscany. You will be guided through unique activities tailored to work on growing your

receptiveness and aptitude for storytelling. Experiencing the entire retreat in a small group will allow

for highly personal, individual, and peer-to-peer feedback.

The art of storytelling in photography can be utilized by a wide range of photographers. Whether

you’re an amateur or a photo enthusiast, this storytelling retreat experience is equally valuable for


What you will gain from this retreat:

• Increased creativity and motivation for photography

• Insight into a variety of photographic genres that come into play in storytelling

• Class lessons on composition and photo editing

• Novel and stimulating ways of thinking, seeing, and doing things

• Meeting and exchanging with people with similar interests and passions

• Inspiration and fun while learning

• An opportunity to thoroughly understand, ask questions and receive answers.

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