Ritiro di yoga in Toscana con Martina Cova

Pratyāhāra Yoga Retreat

22-25 aprile 2023

“The quieter you become, the more you can hear.” – Baba Ram Dass

During this retreat, Martina will guide you on the path that leads deep inside yourself, to a quiet and peaceful place. Your movements and breath will gradually draw your awareness inward, as gently as a spring shower soaking into the earth. Each practice will combine a flow of asanas, breathing exercises and meditations that aim at stilling the turbulence of the senses and nourishing your innermost consciousness. Moving on the support of your breath, your body will grow strong, agile, and balanced, and your mind be filled with harmony and serenity. 

Martina Cova is a yoga teacher and physiotherapist. She started practicing yoga nearly 20 years ago, together with her twin sister Chiara, at the age of 12, dedicating herself to Hatha yoga for the first 10 years and then approaching Ashtanga yoga. Her insights, acquired through yoga and physiotherapy, allowed her to further deepen her practice and to use it as a restorative therapy. Based on this experience, Martina founded the Physio Yoga Project (www.physioyogaproject.it), which aims at increasing the awareness of one’s body and deciphering its signals to cure it and build lasting health. Martina and Chiara also run courses and retreats through their joint initiative, Twindharma (www.twindharma.com). Their approach is playfully mindful, scientifically experiential, and carefully personal.

Classes will be conducted in English. All ages from 18 years upward welcome. Open to all levels of yoga experience. Min. 6 and max. 10 participants. Indoor and – weather permitting – outdoor practices. 

For more information and registration, please contact welcome@poderetrafonti.com

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