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Sometimes you need a break, in a quiet and beautiful refuge, where, rather than having a lot to do, you can just be.

Or you yearn to explore an awe-inspiring natural and cultural environment and engage in activities that will energise your bodies and elevate your minds and spirits.

Other times, you wish to celebrate a special occasion with our family and friends in a unique setting where you can share experiences that will bring you closer to each other.

Or else, you have plans for a special team project that require a calm and comfortable environment to be productive.

The team at Podere Trafonti will welcome you and your family, friends or colleagues with open arms and will gladly assist you in making the most out of your time with us.


Podere Trafonti’s vocation is to serve as a place for joyful collective experiences, friendly encounters, inspiring exchanges and fruitful collaborations. Here you can play or work together; jointly explore new territories; enjoy good conversations over delicious, slow meals and much more.

We host groups of 6 to 12 people, for at least two nights, for creative and recreative retreats, vacations and celebrations, as well as professional sessions. Our accommodations are generous and comfortable, with a lot of indoor and outdoor spaces for joint activities as well as for quiet personal time.  

If you are searching for an idyllic location to host your group activities, don’t hesitate to contact us. We will be delighted to jointly explore how we might best serve your needs.

From time to time we design special experiences such as yoga retreats; farm-to-fork gourmet cooking and tasting weekends; guided hiking explorations; honeybee safaris and more. Check out our online activities’ programme or sign up to our newsletter for seasonal up-dates.


Podere Trafonti was inhabited and cultivated as a farm until the late 1960s. It had been built simply, bit by bit, to accommodate an extended family and their cows, pigs and chicken. It was abandoned for nearly 40 years and we found it overgrown with trees and bushes, among which an impressive fig tree that had taken over what is now the kitchen.

Today, it is once more a working organic farm, cultivating olives, fruit and vegetables in its permaculture vegetable garden and orchard, and boasting an apiary with thousands of honeybees.

It is also a guesthouse and retreat centre which welcomes guests in five double rooms housed in three different buildings, of which a fully equipped independent pavilion. It offers a range of common facilities, such as a library and a living room, and many places where you can gather as a group or retreat to on your own. There is a beautiful 17.5-meter-long swimming pool with a vast solarium and an outdoor wooden platform and a studio where we practice yoga and other activities. Several rooms are equipped to receive guests with limited physical mobility.


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