…planning to take some time out with your family or friends, to slow down and relish in the simple pleasures of life, such as eating good wholesome food and tasting nice wine; walking or cycling in a pleasant natural environment; strolling through stone-built villages and medieval towns among masterpieces of architecture; bathing in natural hot springs; sitting in the sun and letting time pass.

…a professional or an experienced, certified amateur in leading group activities that further participants’ well-being and growth, be it through art, culture, physical exercise or other creative ways, including cooking and gardening; and you are looking for a place to take your group of 6-10 people for a course or a retreat of minimum two nights.

…searching for an idyllic place to celebrate a special occasion with your friends and family for a weekend or more, in a creative, environmentally friendly way.

…in need of a place where your professional team of maximum 10 people can retreat to, to productively work together while also building stronger relations through team-building activities.

…looking to escape for a long weekend or more; to practice yoga; walk with a group led by environmental guides; learn how to cook healthy gourmet food grown on an organic farm; explore the world of the honeybee and much more.

We are eager to hear about your wishes and ideas and to talk about how we can make them come true. We also recommend you have a look at our activities’ programme and – why not? - join the fun!

Come and be with us, you will be welcomed warmly.

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