Tuscan Landscape Photography Workshop

6-day retreat led by photographers Sabrina Tosato and Andrea Livieri

Join Andrea and Sabrina in the spectacular Val d’Orcia (Tuscany) in the heart of their native Italy to study landscape photography and visual storytelling.

Bespoke Professional Coaching and Like-Minded Connections

Experience the workshop in a small group to allow for highly personalised, professional, and peer-to-peer feedback.

Learn to Take Brilliant Shots That Tell a Compelling Story

Andrea and Sabrina created this 6-day Photography workshop to guide you through the entire process of how to create captivating landscape images and craft powerful visual narratives that reflect your unique vision.

What You will Practice During the Retreat

  • Composing and framing a scene to balance and arrange visual elements effectively.
  • Capturing the essence of a place during daily outdoor sessions in some of the most iconic landscapes and villages of Tuscany (e.g., big vistas, details, people).
  • Understanding how different types of light affect the mood and the essence of an image.
  • Transforming raw files to finished images ready to be shared by using various photo editing applications.
  • Creating a cohesive sequence of photos and telling powerful narratives visually. 
  • Analyzing a collection of images to understand how images fit into a story context.

What You will Gain from the Experience

Whether you’re an amateur or a photo enthusiast, this photography experience is equally beneficial for you. You will:

  • Acquire valuable new skills and technical knowledge through personalized coaching.
  • Improve your creativity and thus your motivation and inspiration for photography.
  • Explore a variety of technical and visual aspects that come into play in compelling landscape photography and storytelling.
  • Shape your vision in participative classes on composition and photo editing.
  • Come up with innovative ways of thinking and seeing; fresh ideas; and original ways of doing things.
  • Connect with and learn from people with the same interest and enthusiasm.
  • Enjoy a unique opportunity to thoroughly understand, ask questions, and receive bespoke guidance.
  • Have fun and indulge in the great Italian lifestyle while learning about landscape photography in a beautiful setting.

The Professional Photography Instructors

Andrea Livieri – Photographer and Workshop Leader

Andrea is a Venice-based, professional photographer, educator, musician, and spirited adventurer. He started exploring the photography medium by capturing images of fellow musicians, their families, and other friends and acquaintances in the music industry. As he continued honing his craft, he merged his love for photography and exploring the outdoors, amassing a body of photographic work featuring exhilarating landscapes and rugged mountain capes from around the globe. He leads photography courses, workshops and tours to teach other photographers his method and help them to bring out their own vision. His work has been published in Landscape Photography Magazine, Outdoor Photographer, Photo Plus Magazine, Digital Camera, Popular Photography and Fuji X Passion Magazine, among others. He partners with brands like Capture One, NiSi Filters, BenQ, Vallerret Gloves, and Sustainable Travel International.

Sabrina Tosato – Photographer, Travel Writer, and Content Marketing Manager

Sabrina is a photographer and travel writer based in Padua, Italy. Her greatest ambition is to make people dream, inspiring them through words and photographs. She manages a travel blog named « The Tomato Soup » where she offers advice on travel destinations and wild high-end hospitality. She has 10 years of experience in travel organization, focused on exclusive and tailor-made itineraries and also works as a digital marketing specialist. Passionate about the intersection of adventure travels, sustainability, and design, with inspiration and creativity at heart, she has a knack for capturing memorable moments of everyday life. Her work has been published via Afar Media, SuitCase Magazine, Inspired by Iceland, and Feel Slovenia.

For more information, programme, rates and registration, visit TUSCANY IN SPRING.


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